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W are a small setting with up 12 children attending per day. We spend much of the day as a whole setting, enjoying the play and learning that comes from having mixed age groups together. 

During the morning and afternoon, we have a structured group time. We separate into our age groups or go to Forest School.

​Nursery Group (0-3 Years)

We accept babies from 6 months old. We have caring, experienced staff who are dedicated to ensuring the youngest of children are cared for in a homely, nurturing way. Children stay in our nursery group until they are 3 years old. Our Nursery Group is led by Naomi, our experienced Early Years Practitioner. 

Children are guided along their learning journey through the three prime areas of learning; Physical Development, Communication & Language, Personal, Social & Emotional Development.

Pre-School Group (3 & 4 Years)

Our Pre-School group is led by Lucy, our experienced Pre-School Teacher. The focus for this age group broadens to cover the 4 Specific Areas of Learning as well as the 3 Prime areas of learning. The children have small group sessions where they start with their early maths and phonics. The children are in the last year of care and education with us before they embark on their new journey through primary school and we support them in this transition, working alongside parents, carers and future teachers to ensure a smooth move on to school.

Forest School

We run a Forest School session every Tuesday morning for the pre-school group. We have a dedicated Forest School area and the sessions are led by Beccie, who is our Forest School Leader. 

For the Pre-School children, Forest School gives them opportunities to work as a team, helping each other, building on their practical outdoor skills and physical abilities. The children learn skills such as knot tying, whittling, planting and pruning trees, identifying nurture and nature and outdoor cooking skills. Each session we gather together at the end to sit around the fire or Ghilly kettle and share food and reflect on the session we have had, we also plan the next session together.

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